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Our Mission


At Precision Builders, we create and maintain excellent ergonomic residential projects. With our talented and reliable team of working professionals we build dream homes through your great ideas.


The Founder/ President - Vincent Paci


In 1985, Vincent Paci, founder of Precision Builders of Long Island Incorporated began the company in order to bring quality building services to Long Island.


At a very young age Vincent was surrounded by architecture and building initiatives. His parents had the fortunate opportunity to design/build their very first home. At age 10, Vincent was present at an architectural meeting alongside his parents. He saw the plans and was fascinated. He took the liberty of drawing the entire house for his parents. Of course his parents were delighted and showed the drawing to their architect. The architect was astonished at the accuracy and precision of the drawing from such a young child. Delighted, Vincent's parents and the architect agreed that Vincent's drawing was to be used as a basis for their project. The positive reinforcement and obvious talent reinforced Vincent's determination to become a premier builder.


Vincent lives in Massapequa, NY. He is married with 2 children and 3 dogs. In his spare time Vincent enjoys bike riding, walking and fishing.



Message from the President:


Thank you for your interest in Precision Builders. I take great pride in my profession and most of all my firm. I thoroughly understand all aspects of the building process. From a consumers point of view it can be overwhelming to work with your town, village, or city, an architect, a builder. We handle it all! And for good reason: There are so many ways a project can be delayed and become stagnant. We do not let that happen. We gather your input, all your wishes, and we build it.


Through our network of experienced working professionals we have the means to accomplish your project quickly.


Contact us for a free estimate and see what we can do for you.



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